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Donna Ida’s Denim Clinic

Donna Ida’s Denim Clinic

We were excited to welcome the elegant Donna Ida Thornton to the store on Saturday 13th May for a Denim Clinic. We would like to say a big thank you to Donna and to all the customers who joined us to make the whole day such fun.

Donna Ida Photos

Donna Ida (in Boy Dazzler) with Kate and (inset) Donna and a happy customer

I had booked an appointment with Donna so that I could experience her amazing expertise first hand. Having literally sized me up she confidently handed me a pair of black Kitty Kat Cropped Jeans which I liked the look of. Size 27?!!! I don’t think so, I thought and murmured that I was usually a 29. I remembered that Donna always advises that ‘if a pair of jeans goes on easily the first time, then they are probably too big. Drop a size.’ But a 27?

I was terrified of being humiliated by only being able to get one leg in and my heart sank even further when she said ‘You have to wriggle in!’. Visions of yesteryear appeared in my thought bubble – when I had to use a coat hanger to pull up the zip of a treasured pair of bright red Fiorucci cords. And whilst I am not yet at the elasticated waist stage comfort is important. If I did manage to get into them would I also be able to breathe or walk?!

However, buoyed by the glass of Prosecco on offer I did as directed. Wriggling in to jeans is easier than it sounds and once they were on I was totally thrilled to find that Donna had got it spot on! It was as though the sun had come out. These fabulous jeans are so well cut from such clever fabric that they hug your figure to create the perfect flattering shape. Not only that but they are indeed immensely comfortable. Walking and breathing still on the agenda!

The elegance and comfort of Donna’s designs as well as the variety of shapes on offer delighted those who were new to her jeans and encouraged some bold adoption of recent additions to her range. The Rizzo High Top Skinnies in Forever Blue proved particularly popular with our customers. The Rizzo design is a classic high waisted skinny jean shape. Fantastically flattering and ridiculously comfortable these high waisters are the epitome of style far removed from the image of ‘mom jeans’.  Those who had said ‘never’ to boyfriend jeans absolutely loved the Star Spangled Boy Dazzler .

Donna Ida blog Image

Boy Dazzler, Kitty Kat Cropped Boot and Rizzo Forever Blue.

I tried on a lot of jeans – some 27s (with stretch) some 28s (no stretch) and could have bought them all. However I ‘restrained’ myself to the Kitty Kats and a pair of the Boy Dazzlers (perfect for a Eurovision Party!). And along with many other customers I could not resist one of Donna’s cashmere jumpers. Do check out our website for current stock. We are also expecting a delivery any day now of some more fabulous jeans and tops including new Rizzo colour-ways ‘Milk’ – a classic white – and ‘Lucky Leopard’ – a dramatic black and grey leopard print.

Inspired by Donna we are pleased to announce that we shall be holding our own Denim Clinic instore on Friday 23rd June when experienced fashionistas Kate and Helen will be on hand to offer styling advice and fitting of all our fabulous denim brands. You can try on as many as you like of our range of Paige, DL 1961 and the ever popular Danish brand Intown. No need to book. Look out for more details on social media and on our website. And don’t forget to subscribe if you want to keep in the loop with all our offers.

The Shopfloor 13th May 2017 Donna Ida Denim Clinic

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