SVP Rainbow Moonstone Atomic Midi Adjustable Ring – Gold Vermeil


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Rock the rock star look with this fabulous ring! This gorgeous ring looks great on its own, or stacked with other SVP rings. Each ring is set with a unique stone that is said to be of spiritual significance.

• Adjustable ring fits on any finger
• Rock Crystal Stone is pearlescent white
• Rock Crystal is said to be one of the most powerful crystals keeping you close to your spiritual side. It represents all Chakras
• Hand crafted in 18 carat gold vermeil on sterling silver
• Stone Measures 9 x 11mm
• See Additional Information for full care instructions


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Brand information

SVP Jewellery

SVP Jewellery is the brainchild of Sarah Parham – the Queen of Rings! She has been a fashion creative for many years and always fascinated by India. She designed her first ring as a thank you present for an Indian craftsman. When she arrived back in the UK, friends wanted a ring made for them and as no one knew their finger size, Sarah created the adjustable ring that suits everyone. All rings are handcrafted in Jaipur and made from recycled gold and silver by gifted craftsmen and women. Honesty, fairness and transparency are at the heart of SVP’s business. Choose Chakra influencing stones to enhance your energy. Versatile in size and style, wear SVP rings in multiple ways, solo or stacked or on different fingers for a constantly changing look. Add the Atomic Midi ring with Rainbow Moonstone to your collection.

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Additional information


Care Instructions

Care MUST be taken with adjustable rings when wearing and sizing. SVP strongly advise that you invest in a small wooden mandrel to ensure the ring band stays in shape.
Protect your jewellery:
• Always keep it away from heat and extreme cold. Certain stones can be harmed under strong bulbs and halogen lamps.
• Make sure it is properly cleaned and stored away from direct sunlight.
• Don’t wear your SVP jewellery when using chemicals, cleaning products or strong detergents.
• Wear with care and protect your jewellery from bangs and scratches.
• Store your SVP jewellery separately so the pieces do not rub – precious and semi-precious gemstones may scratch each other. We always store our pieces in soft fabric bags on nice soft surfaces, so we suggest you do, too.
• Do not wear your SVP jewellery in chlorinated or salt water.
• Perfumes and makeup, soap and shampoo can all damage your gemstones over time. To keep your SVP jewellery at its best make sure you rinse it regularly in water at room temperature. Do not use hot water.
• Silver can tarnish with time and exposure to sunlight and humidity, so please keep it in a soft pouch preferably in a cool dark place. To clean silver use a mild silver cleaner and a specialised jewellery cleaning cloth.
• Gold vermeil fades over time, this will all depend on how often you wear the jewellery and how you keep it and protect it from water.